Character Details

Physical Appearance:

She is described as a beautiful woman with long braided hair wearing a robe made of glittering stars


Amaterasu is called the Goddess of the Golden Dawn. Her personality is hopeful and demure, and yet she possesses a rebellious streak enough to rebel against her mother and marry a mortal.


  • Poetry
  • Politics


Amaterasu served her mother as steward over their kingdom until she fell in love with a mortal man, who worked as a craftsman. Trouble helped her runaway and form her own kingdom. She married and lived a happy life with the carpenter until he died of old age. She know rules her own kingdom.

Family: the Empress Over the Sea (Mother)

Goals: To find tranquility and love

Likes: Bubble Tea

Dislikes: Rudeness, Having to ask her mother for help

Author's Notes

This character is based on one of my favorite legends about a sun goddess.

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