April Sky

Character Details


Physical Appearance:
April has short strawberry blonde, curly hair and light blue eyes. She normally wears hippy type clothing since she lives mostly outside which causes her to have a little bit of a tan . She stands about 5’5”.

April is kind of a bubble head when it comes to intellectual conversation, but she can convince people of pretty much anything when she turns on the charm. She is very suspicious of anyone but her chosen mentor Charlie Manson. April can also snap with anger at any given time, but when she chooses she can also be very laid back and calm.

April grew up in the 1960’s and was a spoiled rich kid until she ran away after hearing about a man named Charlie Manson. From then on she lived off the land and whatever Charlie gave her. She was perfectly content doing the bidding of this man because she felt he would protect her once the race war began.

April had been taking some acid with her new family when Charlie decided that they needed to start the race war early so they could be on top of everything that will happen. They went into a woman’s home and killed everyone there and tried blaming it on the blacks. When they got back to their hide out she cuddled up to Charlie and feel asleep. When she woke up she was in a weird coffin thing…
Family: Charlie Manson (adopted father)

Goals: To be Charlie’s one and only when she turns 18
Likes: enjoys stealing, taking any drug that makes you hallucinate, being with her Manson Family, the Beatles, doing anything Charlie tells her to
Dislikes: cops, rules, anyone telling her what to do besides her Manson family peers.

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