Character Details


Physical Appearance:

Beast, aka Sargent Edward Baldwin is a well-built white man about the age of 24. He wears a buzz cut, a few visible tattoos denoting his platoon and marine affiliations. The fellow's gaze has a certain fogginess to it, but despite that, when he reacts to a threat it is with quick ferocity.


Baldwin is a marine. He is a survivor. He is loyal to the few in his platoon that he trusts. Everyone else is expendable, and he is very comfortable with that. Baldwin is brutal, chaotic, and filled with wary hate for most things.


  • Firearms, taught by the Marines
  • Demolitions, taught by the Marines
  • Streetwise, taught by a rough upbringing


History: Edward was raised in a poor family in Chicago during the massive race-wars and crime riots. He dropped out of High School with his parent's blessing to seek a position in the Marines at the age of 16. Unfortunately for him, shortly after his initial training and induction into Spec Ops, secret missions began in Laos and Cambodia. Bombing runs and black-op espionage. Edward excelled and quickly found he lacked the capacity to care.
As the conflict blossomed into a full-fledged war, he volunteered for combat engineer duty and served three consecutive tours in Vietnam. When his discharge papers came through and he was sent state-side in '69, he found little of his home worth loving.
Using what little money he had saved up and what he made on his pension, Edward purchased some land on the outskirts of Billings, Montana. There he built a bomb shelter and started a collection of weapons. He made a living working security, bouncing, and general handyman. In reality, his current situation is vastly improved from what it was previously; here he can at least shoot people again.

Family: The Baldwins, no relation.

Goals: Survive.

Likes: Shooting things, blowing things up, hating things, killing things.

Dislikes: Blacks, Asians, Protestants, Canadians, British people, faggots, Causations.

Author's Notes

Beast is based on a character named Animal Mother featured in 'Full Metal Jacket', an excellent film about Vietnam.

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