Cara Seaton

Character Details


Physical Appearance: Cara is a pretty blonde, particularly when she can fix her hair and make-up (which is not yet possible in the hutch.) She often has grease on her hands from mucking with machines. She is
currently wearing a hatch 32 uniform. She knows how to dress to look sexy, should clothes of that kind be found.

Personality: Cara is a quick learner and very curious about how things work. She is a bit of a free spirit, having run away from home and spent most of her teens and early twenties working as a carnival mechanic and performer. She personally expects to be included in conversations about what is going on and what to do next, but also thinks the men are obligated to protect and save the group, while the other women aren't. She is from the 40s/50s. She does have a sense (and memory) of how a mismatched group of outcasts and freaks can gel into a cohesive family, since that's a part of the carnival/sideshow life, and is optimistic that this will ultimately happen. To her mind, groups become closeknit through their distrust of "everyone else", who should be viewed as marks at best, and trouble at worst. Right now, she's trying to figure out how long they will be in this together, which will define the circle of who is "in" and who is an outsider. She seems to have a high degree of tolerance for the weird, and approaches the strangeness of their situation with more wonder than anxiety (at least so far.)

History/Biography: Cara will readily share the following information about her background. She was born in 1927. She was taken in 1950. She primarily worked as a mechanic for Mr. Radigan's Carnival, but had in the last few years created a performing act of her own as a fire breather / fire juggler. Her act was "Carasene, the flammable lady mechanic". She grew up in West Virginia, and ran away to join the carnival when she was fifteen. The carnival travels through the Appalachian region. Her father worked at the carnival, and is the one who taught her to be a mechanic.

Abilities/Skills: So far, Cara has demonstrated knowledge/interest in mechanics and other physical/engineering related sciences. She tends to have less book knowledge, and more practical hands-on skills, but can intuit how things work even if she doesn't always know the right term or equation for the forces behind it. She implies that she picked up a number of interesting skills from other carnies. She is very bright, and clearly a quick learner. She appears to have no idea how to defend herself, or how to use any weapons.

Family: If asked about family, the only people that Cara ever references are her father, Frank Lessler, who she adores and who taught her most of what she knows about mechanics/repair type skills, and, everyone else at Mr. Radigan's Carnival who she thinks of as her extended family.

Goals: Right now, her goal is to figure out what is going on, and get back home.

Likes: She likes attention, and figuring out how stuff works.

Dislikes: She dislikes talking about her life in West Virgina before she ran away to the carnival.

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