Dreamlands Universe

Intoduction to the Dreamlands Universe

Earth was once a potent nexus. A place where travelers from a thousand worlds visited and explored. It drew the interest of the Old Ones seeking a place to sate their hunger.

A little over two thousand years ago, a sacrifice was made to erect The Great Barrier to protect humanity and give them a chance to grow and evolve. Since that time, humanity forgot about magic and the dangers of what waits in the void.

Nothing lasts forever. Tiny cracks have begun to form in The Great Barrier. The planet seems to be dying. Global ecological disaster. Terrorism. Economic chaos.

And yet, there is hope. A side effect of the The Great Barrier was a strengthening of the local astral plane transforming it into the Dreamlands. The mystical energies of the nexus had to go somewhere. Einstein was right that energy couldn’t be destroyed or created. It can be converted.

Some dreamers have discovered how to access this new pocket universe. Others have learned to draw power from it. Tuplas, dream creations from humanity’s imagination, have learned to cross over into the real world. Creatures that have long slumbered have awaken in a strange modern world.

Aspects of the Dreamlands Universe

The Dreamlands Universe is quite vast. I've divided the universe by story arc rather that geography. Each of the following is a sub-universe defined by the story arc. Characters can and usually do cross over at will.

Future Projects

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Published Dreamlands Fiction

Note: Some items are missed because I lost track over the years. This wiki is an attempted to better document my work.

  • The Art of the Deal; Abberations Magazine #26 (Sirius Fiction, 1996)
  • The New Gods of the Lost Children; Gods and Monsters (Simian Publishing, July 2006)
  • The Vampire's Handmaiden; Vampires 2 (Man's Story Press, 2007)
  • Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S. Thompson Versus Dracula; Triquorum II (Pendragon Press, 2008)
  • The Sound of the Dream; Raw Meat (Sideshow Press, 2008)
  • Skin Dancing; Hungur (Brimestone's Press, 2008)
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