Emmett Carlton

Character Details


Physical Appearance: A scrawny blonde haired nerd around 17 years old.

Personality: He thinks he is smarter than everyone, and the most important person in the room. He has a strong work ethic for what he wants to do, and little regard for what others want.

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Academics spec history learned at college
computer learned from father
investigation inate talent
science self learned skill
encyclopedic knowledge
meditative mind
direction sense
natural immunity
stealth hiding from bullies
expression talking his way out of messes

Included in prior e-mail.

Family: Steve Emmett (programer father)
Trish Emmett (older popular sister)
Alice Emmett (detatched yuppie mother)

Goals: Design a portable computer that is user friendly.

Likes: Computers, Video Games, Board Games, Math

Dislikes: Bullies, teachers that think they know more than me, girls that are too hot for him and make him uncomfortable but maybe I am willing to make this happen I mean god I want to but…

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