House Brutii


In pre-S.P.Q.R. times, the men called Romans were under the authority of the Etruscans. The Etruscans indulged themselves, supported by the slaves that the Romans were. However, it was not outright hostile - at least, not until the alleged death of a beloved Roman citizen named Lucretia.

The son, Sextus, of the Etruscan ruler of Rome, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, raped the woman. So distraught after the deed was done, Lucretia begged her family to seek revenge on her behalf, and then committed suicide out of shame. A man named Lucius Junius Brutus caused an uprising over the horrible occurrences. However, this was unexpected of Brutus, since he sold himself as an idiot to the sons of Tarquinius. Nevertheless, Brutus proved to be intelligent and forceful, exiling the family of the demented king when they returned to Rome.

After the Etruscans were utterly routed, Brutus was the one to proclaim the S.P.Q.R. at around 509 B.C. It is said that he, along with Lucretia's widower, became the first consuls of Rome. However, as with all accounts of Roman history, this is quite possibly exaggerated. Although, with that aside, the Brutii were still a proud family and stayed involved with the politics of Rome throughout its life.

House Brutii was born from that moment and served as a minor house connected to House Claudius

Years later in 85 B.C., near the eve of the Roman Republic, another Brutus was responsible for the repulsion of tyranny. Marcus Junius Brutus, with the death of his father in 77 B.C., was adopted by his uncle Quintus Servilius Caepio, and Brutus took on his name, adding it to his own (Marcus Junius Brutus Caepio). When he was a bit older, Brutus allied himself with the Optimates against the alliance between Julius Caesar and Pompey, whom had killed his father. After defeats on his side, he issued an apology to Caesar, who then took the young man under his wing and added him to his own inner circle.

On the infamous Ides of March, Marcus Brutus led the Senate Liberators against Gaius Julius Caesar and failed. Brutus fled North to Britanna and is said to be rising an army against the tyrant.

Current Events

The rise of House Julii has lead to the decline of Housde Brutii. Gaius Julius Caesar has made no public claims against the house and for a time it was rumored that he had taken Servilia Caepionis before the assassination attempt.

And yet still, graphfii lines the wall of Rome about a Brutii killed the tyrant. Will the people support the return of Marcus Brutus.

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