House Claudius


The gens Claudia was one of the oldest families in ancient Rome, and for centuries its members were regularly leaders of the city and empire.

The family was traditionally held to have begun with Attius Clausus, a Sabine who favored peace with Rome. This was an unpopular position that led to him leaving Regillus with his followers around 504 BC. Rome was welcoming however, making his followers citizens and giving them land, and making Appius Claudius Sabinus Inregillensis, as he was called in Latin, a senator. It is assumed that the name came from the Latin claudeo (to limp), as many of the family members were lame, probably from some congenital disorder.

Current Events

House Claudius risen due to their connections and the various marriages and relationships with House Julii. Despite this, many consider House Claudius to a shrived branch of Rome and expect that they will soon die off as a major House.

Some believe that this house has been cursed by the gods for an ancient unspeakable crime. None will speculate as to what this might be.

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