House Julii


Julius (fem. Julia) is the nomen of the gens Julia, an important patrician family of ancient Rome supposed to have descended from Julus, and thus from the goddess Venus. (See also: Julio-Claudian dynasty - Julia Caesaris). They apparently originated from Alba Longa, which was reputedly founded by Julus (also known as Ascanius), son of Aeneas (reputed ancestor of Romulus and Remus).

House Juliii is considered to be an honorary minor house to House Claudius.

Current Events:

Gaius Julius Caesar is pushing for an elevation of his family house. His claim of divine blood through Aeneas to the goddess Venus has many worried that he will offend the gods.

Octavian Augustus is said to have split from his Uncle on some sort of political matter.

Relations are strained with their sister house, House Brutiii. It is expected that there will one day be war.

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