Jacob Heller

Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Jacob Heller is a large man with ugly ape-like figures. He has the look of a thug or someone that would be slow, but is quite intelligent and perceptive.

Height: 6'7
Weight: 270
Hair: Balding Dirty Blond. Thin beard
Eyes: Blue


Jacob Heller is a grumpy man due to the constant pain in his hands. And yet he has a great deal of empathy for others. He has a bit of self-confidence problem, especially about his looks. However, he is very perceptive and will often let his enemies talk themselves into trouble.


Jacob Heller has an array of detective skills learned on the job working as a beat cop and then later a homicide detective. He can also cook. He has become a minor occult expert from experience, but he feels as though he knows just enough to be a danger to himself.


Jacob Heller grew up away from his father and the rest of the Heller family. His mother Maggie Heller forbid all contact. Despite this, Jacob grew up to be a lot like his father. He followed his footsteps and joined the Seattle Police Department.

The Heller Curse brought many strange cases to his attention, which started to draw negative attention. By the time he made detective, he was known for his involvement in macabre crimes and something of a local expert in the occult.

During an unknown case in Kent, Washington, involving demonic possession, Jacob Heller suffered a major trauma to his hands and was forced to kill the demon's host body. As the demon's human host was a young boy, Jacob has suffered nightmares since then.

His injuries forced him to retire and so Jacob again followed in his father's footsteps and became a private investigator.

Later, Miles the Minor Demon attempted to subcontract Jacob into collecting the soul of Joan Heller. Using his wits and occult knowledge, Jacob tricked Miles into releasing his claim on Joan's soul.

Joan and Heller are now married. Miles the Minor Demon is now acting against his will as a guardian angel over this generation of the Heller Lineage

Family: Joan Heller (Wife), Johnny Dalton (Brother In Law), Maggie Heller (Mother), Heller Lineage

Goals: To keep his wife safe and to raise a family free of the Heller curse.

Likes: Led Zeppelin

Dislikes: Unknown

Appearances in Published Fiction

  • The Art of the Deal; Abberations Magazine #26 (Sirius Fiction, 1996)

Appearances in Unpublished Fiction

  • The Undead Alchemist's Daughter

Author's Notes

The appearance (minus the ugly face) and personality of Jacob Heller is based on my favorite uncle, Wayne Messer.

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