Jebbidah Heller

Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Jebbidah Heller is a tall thin man with gaunt features and a hideous pox-marked face. His body and his face is wrecked with scars.

A small portion of his left nostral has been cut and healed over giving his face an almost skull like appearance. There is also a jagged scar on his left check.

Height: 6'3
Weight: 180
Hair: Long white hair. Thin beard
Eyes: Blue


Jebbidah Heller is a man that believes in honor and civility even during the worst times. He was once very handsome but was wounded at the battle of Castle Pickney.


Jebbidah is a master tracker. His time as an officer in the Union Army taught him a great deal about warfare, firearms, and how to lead men.


Jebbidah Heller left Boston a handsome young officer and return from the Civil War a disfigured man that had seen true darkness and evil in the world. Despite his appearance, Lucinda Heller loved him very much and insisted upon marrying him.

After the war, he found no peace or work in Boston and joined the Pinkertons.

Jebbidah joined a secret society of Pinkerton Detectives known as the Omega Watch. He is routinely called upon to put down monsters and occult threats.

Family: Lucinda Heller (Wife), Jonathon Heller (Son), Joshua Heller (Father), Heller Lineage

Goals: To fight evil and keep the curse from passing to his son. To be worthy of Lucina's love.

Likes: Shakespeare

Dislikes: Unknown

Appearances in Published Fiction

None yet.

Appearances in Unpublished Fiction

  • The Midnight Train
  • The Quality of Mercy

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