Jocelyn Hellyer

Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6'1
Weight: 160
Hair: Curly blonde hair.
Eyes: Blue

Jocelyn is a grim and determined soul. She knows that she is damned, but that the only think that she can do to redeem her soul is to repent on a pilgrimage. Along the way, she tries to do as many good deeds as she can.

Jocelyn has a surprising amount of survival skills, although some of them as due to her wolfish nature.


Jocelyn was bitten by a werewolf on an unknown previous adventure. She is one of the only werewolves known to resist the Taint. She has attempted to find a number of cures, but alas has been unable to do so. She typically stays away from humans during the full moon and takes advantage for her supernatural strength during the rest of the time.

Family: Heller Lineage

Goals: To keep break the family curse, die a hero

Likes: Children

Dislikes: Regrets that she can not have children or she will pass her curse onto them.

Appearances in Published Fiction

None Yet

Appearances in Unpublished Fiction

  • Moonlight in Scarlet
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