Johnny Dalton

Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Johnny Dalton is a physical chameleon that uses makeup and costuming to change his appearance. He is generally known to be a very handsome man.


Arrogant, selfish, pretentious



Johnny Dalton sold his soul to a minor demon for fame and fortune, and was so bad at it that Miles the Minor Demon wanted out the deal. Johnny Dalton's horrible and souless music has been referenced in a number of stories as foreshadowing of decay and lost of innocence.

Family: Joan Heller (Sister), Jacob Heller (Brother In Law)

Goals: Unknown


Dislikes: Unknown

Appearances in Published Fiction (as actor playing Captain Splatterpunk)

Referenced in Published Fiction

  • The Art of the Deal; Abberations Magazine #26 (Sirius Fiction, 1996)
  • Mathematics of the Chosen; Animal Magnetism (2006)
  • The Vampire's Handmaiden; Vampires 2 (Man's Story Press, 2007)
  • The Sound of the Dream; Raw Meat (Sideshow Press, 2008)
  • Skin Dancing; Hungur (Brimestone's Press, 2008)
  • Omega; Horror Carousel #6

Referenced in Unpublished Projects

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