Jonathon Heller

Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Jonathon Heller is a boyishly handsome man that wears glasses.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 180
Hair: Short Brown Hair
Eyes: Blue


He is a kind man with a great force of personality that comes from his mother.


Jonathon Heller is a skilled medic and investigator. He has been trained by his father and the other detectives in occult matters, but his primacy concern is helping others. He works as a traveling alienist.


Jonathon Heller grew up in the shadow of his father Jebbidiah and witnesses the tool of his work on his body. He felt obligated to help others as he had been blessed with such a loving family. He joined the Pinkertons and The Omega Watch after graduating from medical school. He was one of the first doctors in the country to get involved with forensic science.

His first experience with the occult was in the trenches of World War I.

After returning from the war, Jonathon investigated on behalf of the The Omega Watch until his death in 1935. He never married or had children. This was only partially due to the family curse. It was a suitable excuse to hide his homosexuality from his parents. The curse went through his younger brother, although Joshua Heller II avoided the worst of it. His niece Jacinda Heller carried the curse to the next generation.

Family: Lucinda Heller (Mother), Jebbidiah Heller (Father), Joshua Heller (Grand Father), Joshua Heller II (Younger Brother), Jacinda Heller (Niece), Heller Lineage

Goals: To see what is out there

Likes: Medicine, Science

Dislikes: Dirt, superstition , Minor phobia of rats

Appearances in Published Fiction

  • Geometry of the Soul; Arkham Tales: Stories of the Legend Haunted City (Call of Cthulhu Fiction) (Chaosism Books, November 2006)

Appearances in Unpublished Fiction

  • Unto the Breech

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