Lost Boys Slang


These Lost Boys slang-terms are not the same definitions as one might find in the dictionary.

  • Aces: Awesome, Excellent. A good turn of luck.
  • Balls Up: A phase to indicate confuses or distracts
  • Brill: Brilliant
  • Cat’s Meow: An excellent trick or manuever.
  • Chicanery: Fun adventures, Plans Made on the Whim
  • Copasetic: Fine, Excellent
  • Fret: Worry, Act Like an Adult
  • Gutter: Something nasty or disgusting. What you might find in the gutter.
  • Joggle: To move with a shaking or lightly jolting motion. To shake something into place.
  • Olders: Adults
  • P-Dust: Pixie Dust
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