Mystical Rome


Imagine ancient Rome in a world where the gods are real and magic is held in the hands of the powerful and the divine. Noble houses war for prestige while the average plebian struggles to find enough food. Strange foreign powers plot the downfall the eternal city while the gods have plans of their own.

On this world, the Ides of March came and went during the last days of the Republic, but this time Caeser listened to his soothsayers. The blessing of Venus spared Gaius Julius Caesar from the blades of the Senate Liberators, but at the cost of his friend Marcus Anthony. In honor of the gods, Caesar proclaimed that year the first year of the Pax Romana.

The traitor Marcus Brutus escaped to the provinces. Some say that Brutus seeks to raise an army to kill the tyrant. Others whisper that Brutus aligns himself with the ancient and powerful heathen gods of Britannia.

The year is 18 Pax Romana and the Roman Empire rules much of the known world.


It is rumored that the health of the Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar is unnaturally strong, and that he might live another thirty years. Some say he uses unnatural means to extend his life and this has caused strife within House Julii and the other Great Houses of Rome.

The heir of mighty Caesar, Octavian Augustus, has lived in Egypt for the past five years to ensure that the shipments of grain continue to feed the masses in Rome. Does the Mighty Caesar fear his wily nephew? Is it true that he has been snared by the witch daughter of Ptolemy, the infamous Cleopatra VII. Octavian is very popular with the Roman Legions, but the Senate looks to him with a distrustful eye.

The plebeians demand more grain from Egypt and to put a stop to the pirates plaguing the seven seas, but , Octavian Augustus quietly claims that the Roman Senate has abandoned the masses. He never speaks ill of his uncle, but his praises have come that much softer.


I have always loved Rome. I took Latin in high school and felt a connection to the culture. Mystical Rome is an alternate fantasy universe where magic is rare, but real. This sort of project is going to take quite a bit of time and I thought it might be fun to put my notes on this wiki and run a good old fashioned table top game based on this universe.

Table of Contents

Tales of Mystical Rome

  • "Apprentice of the Mask" will appear in the By Mind or Metal anthology from Lame Goat Press.

Unpublished Tales of Mystical Rome

  • The Test of Will
  • The Three Gates of Agony
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