Ourboros Character Generation

Character Creation Introduction

Characters created for the Ourboros Project must follow the following guidelines.

  • Character sheets are created using mortal rules in NWoD + 50 XP.
  • Characters may be from from any date between June 1911 and July 1986. Note: they can be born before 1911, but they may only be from June 1911 or after.
  • All PCs will have a memory gap of their last three months before game.
  • All PCs should be made with virtues and flaws in their character. These are characters with good and evil in them.
  • All PCs should have desires and goals that their character has thus far been denied. Something very important to them.


  • The natural instinct of many games is to build the toughest character. Skills will be very important. It is recommended that your character at the least speak english.
  • Supernatural merits will be allowed, however, the causes of said merits may not be supernatural in origin.
  • Allies and enemies will be introduced. Dots on your sheet will eventually be reflected in your environment.
  • Characters should have loves, enemies, and family detailed.
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