Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Pip is a short and skinny kid with green layered hair. He wears an odd, worn leather vest and white t-shirt with goggles over his head.


Pip is a happy-go-lucky kid that tries to feel everything and live in the moment. He is the best sort of traveling companion. He comes along for the friendship, but doesn't appreciate the thrill of adventure as does the rest of the the Lost Boys. He struggles with his fears, but still keeps flying.


  • Flying
  • Music
  • Theiving / Pickpocketing


Pip was a street kid from London. He was in and out of orphanages, but mostly made it on his own. He was one of the special poor kids selected to view the first ever performance of Peter Pan. He believes so much that he slipped into the Dreamlands and became a Lost Boy.

Family: The Lost Boys

Goals: Find a family

Likes: Skateboarding

Dislikes: Chores, Pirates

Author's Notes

Pip was named for one of my all time favorite characters Pippin Took from the Lord of the Rings. I know it is highly egotistically to name a character after one of the most awesome pieces of fiction ever. I can't help myself.

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