Remington Borri

Character Details

Physical Appearance:

He appears to be a young delicate man with curly black hair and large expressive brown eyes.


Mr. Borri appears to be a young man, but has the eyes of a man that has lived for hundreds of years. He can be very cranky and terse when under stress or worried.


  • Knowledge of Magic and the Occult


Mr. Borri is the sole proprietor of the infamous Ye Old Curiosity Shop.

There is photographic evidence linking Mr. Borri to living during the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. Despite his proclaimed neutrality, Mr. Borri often does favors to assist those he believes will make Seattle a better place to live.

His motives are rarely simple or straight forward.

Family: Samuel Kane

Goals: Unknown

Likes: books, maps, knowledge, games, secrets


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