Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Spoken is lanky boy with a trimmed Afro. He wears a brown vest, ruffled white dress shirt, a bowler cap, and brown leather boots.


Spoken is often the smartest person around, and he's not afraid to let people know. He is the more scholarly of the Lost Boys and seems to delight in learning new things.


  • Cartography
  • Flying
  • History
  • Magic


Spoken claims to be older than two hundred years, but not much is known about his past. He seems fasinated with all manner of magics. [[[Remington Borri]] is his hero. Sometimes, his curiosity and arrogance gets the better of him and he ends up in too deep. Thankfully, the Lost Boys are always there to watch out for him.

Family: The Lost Boys

Goals: Learn everything he can, fight pirates, learn real magic

Likes: Books, Magic

Dislikes: Chores, Dirty Glasses, Pirates,

Author's Notes

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