Character Details

Physical Appearance:

Styles is a tall, wiry man of African decent.

Height: 6'5
Weight: 220
Hair: Dark Brown, cut in an afro
Eyes: brown


Styles is a classic trickster, clever and sly. He gets into a lot of trouble and thankfully he can usually handle it. He has a jocular sense of humor and quite possibily an ego problem.


Styles is an cybernetically augmented former solider trained in black-ops. His ability to kill is frightening to behold. In addition, Styles has a reputation of a legendary chef.


Albert Prentice grew up poor in the southern continent of Vega Colony. His parents died in the early stages of the Colonial Wars and when he was old enough he joined the Milita and eventually under unknown circumstances came to work for the name known as Chavez where he adopted the code name Styles.

During the war, Styles angered a lot of people preventing him from working on the civilizaed colonies and so he came to work for Mia Wells. He refuses to speak about the war in general and has a great fear of Chavez.

These nights, Styles tries to scam extra money so he can retire someplace nice and open a restraunt. He is unusually protective of Mouse and enjoys tormenting Johnny Wang.

Family: None Known

Goals: Accumlate wealth, Open a Restaurant, Protect the Crew

Likes: Fresh Vegetables

Dislikes: Poorly cooked food.

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