Character Details


Physical Appearance:

The Tempest is a classic tall sail ship made of ebony wood with a beautiful mermaid carved into the mast.


The Tempest is a mothering, if a bit dotty, old ship. She wants nothing more than to explore the Dream Sea and to have a happy well-adjusted crew. Of course, crews have chores to do. She's not afraid of getting into a fight.

She knows everything that happens in her domain and can mystically warp the wood anywhere on the ship, which she does most often to make her face appear.


  • Canons
  • Sailing


Goals: Explore the Dream Sea


Dislikes: Stormy Weather

Author's Notes

The Tempest was named from one of my favorite Shakespear plays. The look and feel of the ship is based on the Amazing Grace. You can find out more about it here: http://www.amazinggracetallship.com/

Please note that the Tempest is a bit larger than the Amazing Grace and her insides are a bit larger than her outsides.

I based the personality and speech patterns of the Tempest on a good friend of mine named Jen. Just because she is often the only girl amonst the Lost Boys.

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